A Brilliant Concept : Safe, Profitable and Insured

Anyone can OWN and RUN a real farm online from anywhere on your mobile phone, laptop, at home, in the office and on the road.

You simply choose a crop with a location you desire, choose a land size, you pay for it online and CONGRATS! You have started! CLICK HERE FOR OUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

A certificate would be sent to you as evidence of your investment/ rent of the land.

Over the period of planting, weeding, spraying herbicides and harvesting, you would be prompted to pay online for each of the services. You are also entitled to visit your Farm Parcel at anytime through a Pre-book Appointments System During the visit, the farm manager would be available for any questions and enquiry.

At any point, you can request an assessment of the value of your farm and you can sell your interest in the farm to anyone you choose. MORE

After harvest, your harvested produce would either be delivered to you or could be sold off at your instruction.

The ENTIRE process is insured so you never lose money!

Since everyone must buy crops and eat, you can make AT LEAST 100% PROFIT and up to 200% profit in some cases based on estimated prices given per crop HERE.

SO take the step and be an ONLINE FARMER today.






Our Head , Marketing and Partnerships, Olawale Olajide speaks on Power Lunch West Africa on CNBC Africa



Our aim is to make farming easy, profitable and fun.
To get started, you may like to know what you can grow here.
For information on a list of CROPS you could be interested in cultivating or a list of LIVESTOCK you could be interested in rearing

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals in the agriculture, insurance, IT and legal community dedicated to advancing massive wealth creation through the involvement of as many people as possible in agriculture. We want to make agriculture safe, glamourous and very profitable.


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